Muhammad bin Tughluq – Happy birthday to you – Old Tamil Hit Song

Muhammad bin Tughluq – Old Tamil Hit Song

About this movie and song:
Directed by : Cho
Produced by : Prestige Productions
Written by : Cho
Starring : Cho, Neelu, Peeli Sivam, Manorama, Ambi Rajagopal, Sukumari, Sampath, V.R.Sreenivasan, B.N.Ramasamy
Music by : M.S. Viswanathan
Year of Release : 1971

Cast information:
Cho Ramaswamy as Muhammad bin Tughluq/Mahadevan
Peeli Sivam as Ibn Batuta/Raghavan
Manorama as Gandhimadhi
Neelu as Thathachari
Ambi as Rangachari
Veniradai Moorthy as the singer in birthday party (cameo appearance)

This song was in a birthday party where veniradai moorthy did an cameo apperance. Manorama and Cho ramasamy did the lead role in this movie where he compared the politics with his ruling period as he was a unintelligent sultan of Delhi.Music was composed by MS Viswanathan ramamoorthy.

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